We are responding to these extraordinary times.

We are able to offer online Advance Care Planning via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. 


We can also offer online support if you or your loved one is facing the end of life. 

Please reach out and have a chat about how we can be of service to you.  

We offer a range of services to clients locally and online, including:

* Advance Care Planning (ACP)

* Supportive Care and Consultancy

* Health Care Advocacy and Coaching

* Events & Workshops

Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Have you considered what kind of medical treatments 

you would WANT or NOT want if you were unwell and unable to speak for yourself?

Would your close circle know how to decide for you?

Have you spoken to them about your values and what matters most at the end?

Many Australians are now becoming more engaged in these matters and have reported an improved sense of satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that their wishes will be honoured. It is also highly beneficial for those left behind, knowing that they made the right choices under difficult and stressful circumstances.

This can often lead to ongoing distress and contribute to prolonged and complicated grief and family tension.

Advance Care Planning can also look at the bigger picture to include making preparations for the unexpected and “cleaning up” a little so that when death makes its appearance, we are as ready as possible. This would encompass such things as funeral planning, estates and wills, “death cleaning”, digital legacy and memoir writing, instructions for those who come after, and so much more! There are many resources and tools available to assist in creating an Advance Care Plan.

We are able to support you to develop a plan that offers 

peace of mind

for you and those who may need to speak for you.


Click here to go to our events page. 

Supportive Care & Consultancy

Are you struggling with a recent diagnosis?

Has someone in your family been given

bad news about their health, 

or had a change in circumstances or function due to ill-health? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by what’s ahead,

and what’s happening now?

Receiving an End of Life diagnosis is certainly a significant event, and not only for the person at the centre of the story.

As End of Life Consultants, we are here to support you and your circle in a variety of ways. We will walk alongside you, offering a listening ear and an understanding heart. Our years of experience and combined knowledge of healthcare, palliative care and alternative modalities, along with personal experience, add an extra layer of benefit. This may take the form of a one-off consultation, short-term help or a longer period of ongoing engagement.

We  offer support in person and via phone or internet,

so we can reach you wherever you are in the world.


Price list:

Discovery call: Free of charge. 

                We will have a chat to see what we can offer you and determine if you would like to engage our services. 

Flat rate:         $100/hour

Packages:         15hrs - $1450

                             20hrs - $1900

                             25hrs - $2350

End of Life Health Care

Navigation & Coaching

Navigating your way around the healthcare system can be mind-boggling and a little overwhelming.

We offer guidance, clarity and support with decision-making and treatment options.


Events & Workshops

We are passionate about promoting death literacy and sparking conversations around end of life. We can tailor an education package to the needs of your group or workplace.

Topics include:

  • Advance Care Planning
  • How to accompany the dying
  • Compassionate Communities
  • Funeral planning and options
  • Caring at home

Complimentary Consultation

Book a complementary consultation to see how we can help you.