Rose Sexton and Nicole Stephens. 

Two dynamic women with a passion for empowerment, education and support for better dying and better living.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: is to reclaim the old ways of familiarity with death and dying, and with acceptance in our culture of the natural order of things; an embracing of our impermanence  and preparation for death, and in so doing, to live life more fully.

Our Mission: is to provide a variety of opportunities for our clients to explore this ultimate destination, to play around with its impact, and come at last, if we are fortunate enough, to the end of life with grace, ease and dignity.

How We Do This
  • Advance Care Planning
  • "Doula" Services - Providing hands on help and support for people and their families at the end of life                         - in the home, in the hospital or online, Death Cafes, Workshops, Retreats, Information Sessions
  • End of Life consultancy - support following a diagnosis
  • Health advocacy
  • "The Last Waltz" theatrical production
  • Death preparedness consultation - cleaning up your sh*t before you go!
​​Who We Serve
  • The dying – people at the end of life
  • Carers and families of the dying (Your "circle")
  • People who want to be organised and prepared
  • The general community – let's have the conversations NOW!
  • Organisations/Service Providers

​Meet Rose & Nicole

​Rose Sexton

With over 35 years of nursing experience and post-graduate qualifications in palliative care, Rose has a great passion for supporting those at the end of life.

She holds a deep desire to open up discussions around death, dying and end-of-life issues, believing that this contains enormous possibilities for living more fully and richly.

Rose has also had recent personal experiences providing end of life support and understands the challenges, nuances and opportunities in this space.

She has a long history in the performing arts, including music and theatre and is a firm believer in its transformative power.

Rose has spent the past few years holding regular workshops, courses and events in her local area and promoting conversations around death and dying, and is a qualified and experienced Advance Care Planner.

​Nicole Stephens

​Coming Soon!