Our inaugural "Good2Go" festival is happening July/Aug 2024. 

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Welcome to End Stage Matters
End of Life Specialists

We hold a regular DEATH CAFE  in Beechworth. 

Beechworth Masonic Hall

3rd Thursday of the month


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Death Cafes provide a safe, relaxed, non-judgemental space to come and have a chat over coffee about life and death and all the big questions! 

Rose Sexton and Nicole Parker. 

Empowerment, education and support for

better dying and better living

We offer a range of services to clients locally and online, including:

  • Advance Care Planning (ACP)
  • Supportive Care and Consultancy
  • End of Life Health Care Navigation and Coaching
  • Events & Workshops

Supportive Care & Consultancy

Have you, or someone in your family,

recently received an End of Life Diagnosis?

As End of Life Consultants, we are here to support you and your circle

in a variety of ways. We will walk alongside you,  

offering a listening ear and an understanding heart. 

End of Life Health Care

Navigation & Coaching

Navigating your way around the healthcare system can be

mind-boggling and a little overwhelming.

This service offers guidance, clarity and support with 

decision-making and treatment options.

               Events & Workshops

We are passionate about promoting death literacy and sparking conversations around end of life. We can tailor an education package to the needs of your group or workplace.

Topics include:

  • Advance Care Planning
  • How to Accompany the Dying
  • Compassionate Communities
  • Funeral planning and options
  • Caring at home

Complementary Consultation

Book a complementary consultation to see how we can be of service. 

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