Preparing for the end-

a beginner's guide

Will you get the funeral you want?


What about the family inheritance?

If you were suddenly seriously unwell, who will make decisions for you? And WHAT WILL THEY DECIDE? 

If you've been sweating over these questions, then sign up to attend our free webinar and get some answers! 

You’ll get information about

* advance care planning,

* funeral planning,

* legacy writing and all the legal stuff too.

This webinar will give you plenty of food for thought and hopefully open up some opportunities for conversation with your family and friends.

Dying to talk to someone? We host a regular online catch up-

 "Drinks at the Doorway" 

which offers a safe, non-judgemental space to have a chat about what's on your mind. Questions, comments, discussion. No agenda. And beverage of your choice! 

4TH SUNDAY OF THE MONTH from 4pm-5.30pm AEST.

Bring yourself, a drink and some nibbles, and settle in for a heart to heart around this so-called "taboo" topic. It's not as scary as you think...

One more left for 2020. Please join us!

(Judging by the way this year is going, can you afford not to? ;-
Nov 22, 2020 4:00 PM

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Password:   5PfkkS

We are passionate about getting people talking and sparking conversations around end of life. We can tailor an education package to the needs of your group or workplace.

Topics include:

  • Advance Care Planning
  • How to Accompany the Dying
  • Compassionate Communities
  • Funeral planning and options
  • Caring at home