- a 6 module journey with the end in mind

  • You've been thinking about it for ages right? It plays at the back of your mind, calling softly to you in bed at night. By the morning, you've forgotten about it for another day, but it's still there! That gnawing anxiety about "getting your affairs in order". But you're not sick, so it's OK. Right? 
  • Well, what about that friend who died suddenly and left his family in a huge mess! No Will, no access to the bank accounts, and half his superannuation got wiped out because he hadn't named his beneficiaries.  And the legal fight his family had to go through when the long lost sister showed up.
  • You may not have a long-lost sister, but can you imagine if you were suddenly seriously unwell (it can happen to anyone) and you weren't prepared? What might happen to YOU, without clear instructions to your nearest and dearest about what you would choose? You may find yourself in long term care, unable to communicate and wondering how the hell this all happened.
  • And then afterwards? Or if you don't make it? Who will clean up the mess? What kind of funeral will you get? Does your family know if you want to buried, or cremated, or dropped off the side of a boat, or shot into space! 
  • Where are all the passwords? Bank accounts? Super accounts? Where are bodies buried?! Who knows about your childhood diaries, or other embarrassing things your kids might find when they go through your stuff? 
  • What about loftier thoughts – what kind of legacy have you left for those who come after you? Have you reflected on what kind of difference you made in the world? All your stories, the things that mattered to you.. how will you be remembered?

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